Design Print Bind is the studio partnership between graphic designers Flaminia Rossi and Samantha Whetton.

An English Garden & How to Make a Bomb

Publication design for artist Gabriella Hirst. Each copy of An English Garden comes with the pamphlet How to Make a Bomb. The publications chart the various attempts by Hirst to produce new specimens of the Atom Bomb rose through grafting and cuttings.

An English Garden speculates upon possible links between the British Imperial programme of ‘gardening the world’, the enduring impact of nuclear colonialism, and the political symbolism of plants, focussing namely on the cultivated rose plant as a highly manipulated ornamental species weighed down by powerful and contradictory meaning. 

Project by Gabriella Hirst and Warren Harper
Published by The Old Waterworks
Dimensions 148 x 210mm & 200 x 250 mm 

resitance sustenance protection

Book design for artist Rachael House.

Resistance Sustenance Protection is a year of drawings, a pandemic record, an archive, a call for change. Angry, funny, compassionate, tender, queer and political, these drawings make vivid, engaged, intersectional commentaries on the pandemic and the wider connections, ramifications and resonances that it has had across the world."

The book, containing more than 200 drawings, is section-sewn with an open spine to let it open completely flat. The front cover is foil-blocked with a tipped on illustration.

Dimensions 170 x 210 mm 

A Flower Shop

Branding work for A Flower Shop/That Flower Shop, a florist operating from East London and their farm in Kent where they grow a variety of beautiful seasonal flowers. Design of the brand identity, printed materials, packaging and website. Quick, gestural, botanical illustrations were paired with the logotype, and are used to create patterns on the packaging, care cards and website.

Photography by Sarah Victoria Bates
Website build by José Soares


Book design for Daniel Oliver. This book documents Oliver's awkward participatory performance worlds, as well as bringing together critical and creative responses by Aby Watson, Jo Hauge, Luke Ferris, O. Husch, Chloe Spicer, Hamja Ahsan and Nwando Ebizie. These writings focus on discussing, embracing, and celebrating dyspraxic approaches to performance making, socialising, world building, thinking and writing.

Project by Daniel Oliver
Published by Live Art Development Agency
Dimensions 148 x 210mm

Erotic Mechanics—Mapping

An artists book to coincide with Mary Hurrell’s performance series at The Bower in 2018. The book contains a collection of scores and collages by the artist, charting two bodies of work spanning 2015-2018, with essays by Emily LaBarge.

The cover is made from material used in the performances and has been foil blocked and hand bound by ourselves and Louisa Bailey.

Published by The Bower and Publication Studio London