Hail the New Estruscan

A book published to coincide with Hail the New Etruscan #3 at The Bower, the third in a series of exhibitions made since Grimes' Bridget Riley fellowship at the British School in Rome 2018—with #1 and #2 earlier this year at Danielle Arnaud and Matt’s Gallery respectively.

A text by Lucy Reynolds, artist and researcher on moving image and feminism, and another by writer and director Toni Grisoni, explore Grimes’ interest in language, mis-memory, gesture and an enchantment with Neorealist cinema. The book is intersected with ancient instructions and recipes for living, plus internet guides for preparing birds nest soup.

First 25 copies include a limited edition print signed and numbered by the artist, tucked into a glassine sleeve.

Oona Grimes


Lucy Reynolds
Tony Grisoni

Publication Studio London  The Bower


Coil bound
Digital print 
Risograph print
Foil blocked covers

Typeset in Baltica in reference to the title sequence of Pasolini’s Uccellacci e uccellini.



Printing, binding, finsihing

DPB and Louisa Bailey