Design Print Bind is the studio partnership between graphic designers Flaminia Rossi and Samantha Whetton. Our studio specialises in the design and production of books and other printed matter, working in a way that is hands-on and practically experimental—exploring design through making.

As a studio we focus on the design and production of book work and other printed matter and provide creative, technical and production services for writers, artists, researchers, small businesses—anyone who wants to produce a publication.

Projects of all sizes are welcome, we pride ourselves on being able to produce innovative work for a range of budgets and briefs.

We are based at the London Centre for Book Arts, where we access printing and binding facilities and work alongside other printers, binders and artists. As a part of that larger community we are also involved in workshops, book fairs, small press publishing and events. Our practice is centred around collaboration, ideas and skills exchange.

Our services

Concept, layout and typesetting

Consultancy and workshops
Design advice
Production assistance
Pre-press services
File checking
Bookbinding workshops
Print design workshops

In-house printing and finishing*
Risograph printing
Laserjet printing
Letterpress printing
Foil blocking
Pamphlet sewing
Staple binding
Coil binding
Perfect binding
Hardback books
Stab binding
*We also produce a broader specification of outsourced print and finishing work.

This website is using the following gratis fonts: Sporting Grotesque by Lucas Le Bihan available at Velvetyne and Work Sans by Wei Huang available at Google Fonts.